FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

GL hire purchase service or any of its financing services can be obtained at selected GL partner, dealers and through GL’s and Thanaban’s POS centers. For more details please contact our customer service hotline number at 0-2580-7555.

The required documents to obtain financing are
1. Copy of Thai national ID card (must bring original also)
2. Copy of Household Registration
3. Verification of Work/Income from Employer (if any)

If application meets all the requirement, approval process may only take up to only 30 minutes.

Payment of installments can be made at GL’s POS center and through various banking and retail channels just by using GL‘s payment card or pay in slip. For more details please visit our customer support page.

The standard installment payment ranges from 1-3 years depending upon payment cycle from the customers.

We do not require you to deposit your vehicle for motor for cash or car for cash service, we only require you to submit your valid, ownership documents at the time of taking out the loan amount, which will be duly returned to the owner once the payment is completed.

For any urgent inquiry or questions related to our product and services you can contact us at our customer service hotline number: 0-2580-7555. This service is available from Mon-Sat between 8:30am-5:00pm.